The 20th Annual Colorado CEO Forum:
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Brian Beaulieu Presents:
Positioning for Prosperity for the Next 20 Years

Join us and celebrate our milestone 20th-anniversary event as Brian Beaulieu informs us on the trends that will position your business for prosperity during the next 20 years. Understanding the potential for the 2020s and 2030s, and strategically aligning our businesses and wealth to capitalize on the wealth-creating trends to be found in each decade, are key to appreciating that this is truly an age of prosperity while others see or fear only the dangers. We will discuss both the upside and the threats, and Brian will present 13 dominant trends that will define our 20-year future. Presidents, CEOs and Owners of mid-market Colorado companies will leave this year’s momentous 20th Annual Colorado CEO Forum armed with a level of economic intelligence and foresight that forms the foundation for capitalizing on the future.

Brian Beaulieu is a renowned economist, acclaimed speaker and the CEO of ITR Economics TM. He has been analyzing the economy and consulting with business leaders for over 35 years, providing the best economic intelligence to mitigate risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions. Brian has delivered workshops and economic analysis seminars in seven countries to thousands of business owners and executives who know they can rely on the long-term 94.7% accuracy rating of ITR Economics’ forecasts.


As a CEO, we often don’t get the opportunity to network across many industries.  This is a must-attend event, a place to meet others, sharpen the saw on our leadership skills and get to see what awesome companies are here in Colorado and the leaders who run them.

Maryanne Rose, CEO, SpenDifference, LLC