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  • 2017 Colorado CEO Forum Tuesday, October 3, 2017

  • Navigating a World of Economic Change

    Speaker Brian Beaulieu

    Trying to see into the economic future by reading the latest political posting is going to range from being frustrating to fruitless. The leading indicators have the story. There are empirical road signs about 2018 and potential warning signs about 2019. We will examine the leading indicators along with consumer and business trends to present a comprehensive view regarding what the future holds for our businesses, families, and portfolios. Colorado and the US and the global economy will be examined and put into context. All of this so that we can best prepare to be profitable in the coming economic rise and business cycle decline.

    Brian Beaulieu is an economist and he is CEO of ITR Economics™. He has been analyzing the economy and consulting with business leaders for over 35 years. ITR Economics™ provides the best economic intelligence to mitigate risk and to drive practical and profitable business decisions. ITR Economics™ has a 95% accuracy rating in its forecasts.

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